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Logo Supermarket Limited are logo design and printing experts. We have been designing and printing since 2003 and are a British company based in Newcastle upon Tyne (UK).

All our Logo Designs are 100% unique, brand-new designs, no clip-art or stock images are used. There are no standard forms to fill out or generic questions regarding your logo design, we call you and ask you what you need, we discuss your idea and how best to take it forward. Once we are clear on where you want to start then we put a few proofs together and go from there, around 90% of the time we nail it first time round and the rest of the time it takes a few tweaks before we get sign off. When you are happy with the design we create your final logo files that can be used across a wide variety of platforms and media. Trust the experts at Logo Supermarket.

When it comes to printing we take quality very seriously. For a while clients would constantly request the cheapest option and at times that compromised the quality but in this day and age with the advanced printing technology we have at our disposal we can offer the hoghest standards at the most competative prices.

We print a wide range of products but if there is something unique you are after then we can always provide a quote to meet those requirements.


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