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At Logo Supermarket we like to share out knowledge of design. Here are a few videos you might find helpful when creating your artwork. 

Design Tutorial Videos

Illustrator CS6 Setting Artwork for Print with Spot UV Layers

This video will show you in Adobe Illustrator CS6 how to setup artboards for business cards (UK Sizes) and how to add extra layers for spot UV varnish to be applied when the job goes to print.

Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator HD Version

Designing our company logo in Adobe Illustrator. This is a HD updated version of the old video. Enjoy and please leave a comment.

A beginners guide to Adobe Illustrator CS6 - The Basics

A basic introduction to Adobe Illustrator CS6 from one of our experts at This video introduces the beginner to art boards, tools, window and various other techniques for creating artwork in Adobe Illustrator CS6.

Vector Swirls and Florals: Illustrator CS5 Width Tool Tutorial

This tutorial is an expansion on one of our other videos showing how to use the NEW Width Tool in Illustrator CS5. This time we are demonstrating how to draw a vectored vine or swirl using the new Width Tool.

Using the NEW Width Tool in Illustrator CS5

This tutorial will show you how to use the NEW Width Tool in Illustrator CS5.

Illustrator CS5 Tutorial: Apple iTunes metallic text



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